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Bruja Nativa

Vera, the truthful Witch

Vera, the truthful Witch

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Vera is a very truthful witch. She’s the most honest being you’ll meet. Never being able to lie can be a good thing most of the time, but some people may find it rude or inconvenient. Because of this, she’s a bit of a loner. Never being able to have a real friend. Once she finds that true friend, she will open herself and embrace that friendship to the fullest. Sharing all the good in her heart, love and support. Do you feel the spark with Vera?

Materials: Felt fabric, fabric, polymer clay, stone beads, gold plated components, brass components, yarn, super glue, satin sealer, pastels, acrylic paint. 

Measurementsapproximately 10 inches tall 

This doll is NOT meant for kids or pets. It has small parts that are CHOKING HAZARDS. 

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