Meet the Artist

Hello magical beings! My name is Cristina Lee and I’m 30 years young. I’m a mother of two lovely kids. I created this unique line of accessories made out of polymer clay and other components.

Every piece is made and sculpted by hand and inspired by our beautiful island, Puerto Rico and the magic within it.You will find in my designs themes such as witch craft, culture, nature, fantasy, fan art and so much more. My goal is to make every piece unique and desirable to wear!

Sculpting is an amazing form of art that I fell in love with back in 2017. I work very hard, making sure I offer a great quality product that will last a very long time (if taking good care of) and a one of a kind piece that only YOU will have!

I have many goals when it comes to Bruja Nativa. From teaching to maybe having my own physical store as well. I appreciate you being part of my journey as an artist and entrepreneur.

I see you and I am thankful. Blessed you’ll be. Always remember, BRUJA is for power and NATIVA is for our ancestors.