Upcoming Shop Update

Sunday, 11 December at 7pm AST

Expect many “one of a kind” pieces and some of your favorite characters.

About Bruja Nativa

I’m a mother of two beautiful souls, who explores her purpose in life through ART, FAMILY and FOOD.

Sculpting has been the best art form for me. I didn’t know I had the skills for it until I started back in 2017. I sculpt in smaller scales such as jewelry and home decor. But I’m looking forward to creating bigger pieces.

My main concept is Puertorican culture, but I’m diving into the contemporary arts and placing some techniques on my designs.

As a full time mom, artist and part time wife *wink wink* I give my all into my art, surviving day by day in this beautiful but economically unstable island. Trying to provide my kids a better life and education. That’s what matters at this exact moment.

Thank you eternally for your support on my small, humble, Latina owned business.


  • Sally

    My latest pieces are based on Pop Culture! Inspired by films, tv shows and more. I sculpt faces with polymer clay and turn them into something wearable. If you’re into Pop Culture, stay tuned for the release date!